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How B&E Approaches Risk Management

Research-driven Innovation

There are over two million academic publications generated every year, the value of this research and innovation remains largely untapped.  B&E provides greater access to the proverbial ivory tower through screening, advising, and implementing the most contemporary research for your organisation to supply new perspectives and growth.

Demand More From Risk Models

Until recently, operational risk was less easily measured and managed through data than financial risk. This last constraint has been lifted in recent years from the sheer amount of data creation and regulatory changes.  Leveraging the datasets and methodologies utilized in academia, B&E ensures you are provided greater insight through fund selection, allowing you to better serve stakeholders.  Learn more about our Products and Services.

Tangible Insight, Today

Leading funds are discarding the rearview mirror approach. Adapting to the ever-changing environment means timing is everything. We provide investors greater transparency against adverse tail risk including scandals and operational risk events. Learn about our award-winning models that could have predicted the Madoff Investment Scandal, before it happened. 

Access the Most Advanced Academic Models in the Field Today

Our award-winning models are built to drive outcomes and provide greater visibility regarding the operational, market, and liquidity risk of your investments.  We leverage expertise built over 20 years of research in the hedge fund space, resulting in unparalled rigor and insight.

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Founded in 2007, B&E is rooted in academic and industry excellence


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About us

B&E Enterprise, LLC (B&E) is a limited liability company providing hedge fund advisory services to hedge funds, fund of funds, and family offices.  We strive to help investors make better investment decisions regarding fund selection through novel risk management approaches.

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